I believe in a long, prolonged derangement of the senses in order to obtain the unknown.
No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn.
Out here we is stoned immaculate...
J i m M o r r i s o n

Don't bury your thoughts - put your vision & dreams to reality...
B o b M a r l e y

Would you touch the stars when you wander the earth
Let your thoughts be like colourful butterflies
Which drink the dew from the flowers of everyday life...
V a l c a r i


Visionary artist, painter, performer, poet and graphic designer.
His art, as his entire mindset, probes deep into the multidimensional aspects of the complex, mysterious
and awe-inspiring reality around us.
His sources of inspiration are travels, fantasy, fairy tales, surrealism, Flowers of Life and Sacred
Geometry, Neoshamanism and altered states of consciousness.
For his artistic pursuits he develops Yavallon – a kind of universal language of visual communication,
creative expression and subjective perception.
Yavallon is also used to reflect various ideas which find fulfilment through specific activities and thus
break certain stereotypical structures and determinants, as well as challenging an array of established
mental, linguistic, religious, social and cultural behaviours. These activities result in an increase of the
general level of awareness, and activate a unique sphere of creative freedom. Art is a natural habitat
of magical thought and entheogens represent true life and amusement in the divine dimensions
of existence and creation.
Yavallon is a state of mind and soul, a domain which lies on the borderlands of rationalism and myth.
Darek's Yavallonian name Valcari means a Wanderer & Hyper-Dimensional Traveller.

contact: valcari.art@gmail.com

Welcome to a magical world of unrestrained imagination.

Let us sail into a starry night – to the sources of eternal beauty
Where dreams become reality and everything is possible...